20 May

Drupal 8: It's Ajax not Rocket Science

If your looking at building responsive and interactive forms in Drupal 8, then you probably have been searching for things like Drupal 8 Form API AJAX, Rendering Form elements with AJAX, and more.  You have also probably not seen a lot of great resources for this.  In today's longer than normal blog I plan on going over this a bit more.

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10 May

Drupal 8: Different methods of integrating Angular

In today's world everyone is looking for ways to make working with Drupal and Angular easier.  The benefit of building an angular application that is powered by the powerful Drupal CMS is very alluring.  Dont get trapped trying to figure out which way is up.  In this article we will talk about a couple of ways that I feel would be the best route for integration of Angular and Drupal as a unified application.

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05 May

Drupal 8 Module YML Files list

If your like me and many other Developers starting the upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 you will find that things seem disorderly In this article I am creating a cheat sheet of common everyday tasks a backend developer will need to handle when building a custom Drupal 8 site.

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05 May

Drupal 8 Everyday Javascript Guide

Tired of hunting all over the internet for a definitive guide to using Javascript in Drupal 8.  In this post I go over the changes from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 javascript use.  We will talk about the new Drupal 8 Javascript API as well as the Drupal 8 Render API so that you can stop pulling your hair out when trying to add Javascript to Drupal 8.

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25 Feb

Why Your Blogger site is blacklisted

If your using Wordpress, Blogger, or another one of those free blog platforms I have some bad news for you.  Your site is probably being Grey or Black listed by Google.  In this article I will talk more about some things you can do to avoid or improve this situation.

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16 Dec

Integrating Drupal with SMS

Are you looking to provide more security to your users using a SMS based security key?  Are you interested in maybe automating a SIM business? Or are you just looking for a way for your website to alert you and your users to important updates? Regardless of the situation, today I will be talking a bit more about how to create a custom SMS gateway, integrate the gateway with your website, and then different ways it can be used to make your website more secure.

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