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You need more than a Drupal Site

You need a Compelling Message

Tired of getting swarmed by online marketing, social media, and here today/gone tomorrow freelancers?  You know your team's key to success online is a reliable expert resource who not only knows how to code, but can also communicate clearly and in your teams language.  Are you ready to launch your Drupal experience to the next level leveraging the amazing power that is Drupal is known for?  That's where we come in, we use your site to connect you directly to your audience and provide your team with the tech and training needed to make it happen seamlessly. We'll make your Drupal site fit you, not try to force your team to learn long and convoluted steps to get day to day tasks done.

You need more than a few good
Themes and a Modules

You need a Blueprint for Success

You know you need Views, or Layout builder, or Paragraphs; but why? Confused by all the contrib modules with amazing features to choose from, or which flashy themes with the latest in React.js wizardry to start from?  Creating a concrete plan that has been designed for success by selecting the right modules that complement each other and make your teams day to day tasks easier is what we do best. Let us put together a gameplan to make sure your next Drupal site is easy to use and meets the most important needs of your organization.

What People Say About Us

Chris developed our Drupal 7 module that was based on an unfinished API spec. Even with the spec in constant flux he created what we wanted. We then asked for a Drupal 8 version and he delivered it in record time. He is easy to work with, and was communicative throughout the process.

Sean Hammack | Senior Software Engineer

“The custom CMS they built makes it easy for us to keep our content up-to-date—it's simple, intuitive, and painless. The whole Wembassy crew is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. If an issue arises, they are responsive and come up with a solution quickly.

James Jordan |CEO and Founder

I was on Chris' team at The American College. Chris brought an extremely strong knowledge of Drupal to a development team that had almost none and made a huge impact almost immediately.

Michael Cahill | Senior Developer

The Wembassy Method

Whats in a Story?

Define The Audience

The first step to your journey of launching a new Drupal site is defining the audience(s) that your site is talking to. Who are they, what do they need, and how you want to direct them to use the site.  All of these questions come together to form the perfect picture of your user's story. With this we move on to our next phase which is planning.

What is the Destination?

Define The Plan

Once we have a clear understanding of who we are talking to and what we are trying to say, the next phase is to plan out all of the parts that will be critical to executing that message.  It means looking at the parts and the whole. Which modules will make things easiest to achieve that goal, and which ones could cause issues down the road.  Our objective is to build a site that has minimal levels of effort required when training new members how to use it, this helps increase your adoption rate and profit at the same time.

When do we arrive?

Defininition of Done

The Definition of Done is what we call a finished project, we execute the plan until it is completed per the needs of the Audience. Making sure that there are no bugs, the pages look clean and crisp, and we have tested the application on all the important devices and covered the edge cases users often find.  All throughout this process we provide you with a status update every Friday, and allow you to set the priorities for the coming week.  This way we are hand in hand as we execute and complete the site.  Communication is key during this point, we leverage OpenProjects for project management along with several other communication tools for Video/Audio meetings and text conversations to keep everyone in sync during the life of the project.

Our Work

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CSAA at WestEd

Child Welfare Capacity

Capacity Building Collaborative

Government, Layouts, Content Moderation

Synergy Logistics, LLC

Transportation, Trucking, Railroad, Carriers

Wexner Medical Center (The Ohio State University)

Hospital & Health Care, Nonprofit, Sports Medicine, Higher Education, Educational Institution, School, Education, Education

Simon Business School (University of Roschester)

Higher Education, Educational Institution, School, Education

Events@ by All Of The House

Hospitality, Hospitality Management, Automation
Diversified 1

Diversified Investment Services

Individual & Family Services, Wealth Management, Investment Plan
Risk 1

Risk Lookup

Strategic Agency, Market Research, Real Estate

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