Wexner Background
Wexner Medical Center (The Ohio State University)
Top Challenges
01. Multiple departments
02. interests
03. and needs when it came to publishing and managing content on the site.
04. Inconsistent branding
05. styles
06. and layouts on the site.
07. Quickly
08. and safely apply security updates to the site without taking it offline.
Top Solutions
01. We created a unified content publishing system for the college allowing team members to manage content and get it approved in a unified manner.
02. We implemented multiple types of posts for the site that allowed the team members to enter in the content for the pages
03. then created powerful templates to apply the college's style guidelines to that content
04. allowing the team to stop worrying about if they were using the correct font or not.
05. We implemented a 0-downtime deployment workflow that allows our team to deploy security updates in less than an hour and without the live website ever going offline.