Synergy Logistics Background
Synergy Logistics, LLC
Top Challenges
01. Low traffic and lower lead generation from the website has made the website not be as beneficial as it could be for the company. Improvements for both areas are needed in order to make the website a viable part of the marketing efforts for Synergy Logistics
02. Having a small team means that many folks wear many hats
03. and that there is not a lot of time to train people on how to use a complex application. A simplified interface that walks the admin users through the most common day to day tasks is needed.
Top Solutions
01. Leveraging Mautic and Webforms we helped increase the lead generation that Synergy logistics was seeing from the website. This has helped them increase the number of clients as well as the number of carrier partners that they have available to fulfill shipments.
02. We used the Dashboard and Total Control modules to help simplify the admin section of the site
03. making it easier for the team at Synergy Logistics to post updated articles
04. news
05. and other items to the site without having to go through a lot of training to work with the site.