Module Introduction Workspace Plus

Submitted by Chris McIntosh on May 9, 2021

This is a quick introduction to the Workspace Plus module that we created to help a client with some unique content moderation needs.  This module allows a team to create changes to content that leverages things like Blocks/Layouts or other custom

Webform 2 Zendesk

Webforms For Zendesk is the Contrib Module of the Week

Submitted by Chris McIntosh on October 11, 2020

Almost every site has a contact form for support requirements. This usually goes into some sort of email box, but what if you could use Webforms to create new Zendesk tickets for your customers' support requests?

social media marketer

The KPIs that matter for Social Media in 2020

Submitted by Chris McIntosh on September 22, 2020

In 2020, social media is engrained in our lives.  For many, the first thing they do after open their eyes is opening their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter app to see what happened over night. 

playbook migration

How To Fix Bad Data during Drupal Migration

Submitted by Chris McIntosh on September 21, 2020

When migrating a site there is never a shortage of bad data that you need to deal with, but there is not any place more troublesome than when you encounter it for the first time while attempting to migrate a website.  Dealing with Bad Data, in thi


7 Design tips that can boost your Lead Generation

Submitted by Chris McIntosh on February 19, 2020

Provide Specific and Highly Visible Errors Ideally, we would live in a world where users always filled in forms properly and never had any issues, but here in the real world, we know that users make many mistakes.  This is where form val


Picking the Right Editor tools for your website

Submitted by Chris McIntosh on February 9, 2020

The Root of the Challenge Before going over all of the different solutions to this challenge, I think it is important to take a bit of time to look at the standard approach to layout that comes with Drupal and was common in older Drupal

Using mautic to create better lead capture forms

Submitted by Chris McIntosh on December 13, 2019

Many websites are using forms for lead generation and are usually the primary source of cold leads for many solopreneur websites.  Despite your business model,  you can always find a great new use for some kind of funnel, revenue pipeline, or lead

How to use Mautic to create an Exit Intent pop-up

Submitted by Chris McIntosh on December 13, 2019

Exit intent pop-ups are a great way to make a final attempt to get the attention of a user before they leave your site.  Leveraging Mautic we will go over how to create one and place it on your website so you can start leveraging it for your vario