Building a Live Page builder for Drupal 8 -- Images

Chris McIntosh on 2018-04-12
Things have been really busy around Wembassy since we won 2nd place at the Drupal Hackathon in Manilla.  One of those things was learning some new technology to help us supercharge our work with creating Drupal's first Live page editor. READ FULL POST >>

9 Benefits of Continuous Integration

Chris McIntosh on 2018-04-11
Before we immerse in the 9 benefits, we need to know first what is Continuous Integration? Is it different from Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment? READ FULL POST >>

Drupal Ecommerce Better ROI with Analytics

Chris McIntosh on 2018-02-05
There are many powerful tools available for tracking and analyzing your visitors' behaviors on your website. So once you spent all of the time, effort, and budget on building your new Drupal or Magento site, how do you go about ensuring that your ROI is good enough for that effort? In this blog, we will go through the simple steps needed and using tools in conjunction to improve your website's ROI through analytics. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Mautic are all powerful tools for analyzing and tracking traffic and your visitor's behavior while they are on your website. However, did you know you can take things a step further and track behavior they are taking when they may not be directly on your site? In this post, I will be walking you through the basic process of setting up Google Analytics sales goals and funnels to help you gather the best insights from your online business data. READ FULL POST >>

Mautic vs Webforms comparison

Chris McIntosh on 2018-01-23
With more and more sites becoming decoupled and using various front-end frameworks like React or Angular to create an enhanced web experience there is a need for tools that do the same for the various forms on a site, this is where Mautic shines. Today I will be doing a feature comparison and explaining why using Mautic as your form builder will be the right move going forward. READ FULL POST >>
Local development

Local Development: Getting Started with DrupalVM

Chris McIntosh on 2018-01-22
This last year has seen a lot of improvements to the toolsets that local developers have access to when developing Drupal projects. As Drupal as a framework has grown and new technologies like Twig and Symfony2 added to the CMS a new workflow has emerged as the preferred method. Today we will be going over using DrupalVM as your local development environment and the benefits it has. READ FULL POST >>

A beginners guide to caching in Drupal 8

Chris McIntosh on 2018-01-20
Caching is a popular technique to optimize the performance of a website. It is a process that stores web data (HTML, CSS, Image) in some accessible space. Moreover, a cache is a detailed information of a validity of a resource. This information defines for how long the resource is valid and should not be considered stale. The information can be stored at every level right from the original server to intermediate proxies to the browser. READ FULL POST >>

10 Colors you should be using for your Ecommerce site

Chris McIntosh on 2018-01-19
Color psychology is a fascinating and complex topic. It’s influence on how we perceive the environment can be subtle or overpowering. READ FULL POST >>
Product Placement Strategies that convert

Product Placement Strategies that convert

Chris McIntosh on 2018-01-19
Do you remember the last time you clicked on a banner advertisement? No, well if your having trouble remembering or your answer is never, don't worry you are not alone. READ FULL POST >>
Website Layouts that Sell

Website Layouts that Sell

Chris McIntosh on 2017-06-27
What does your ecommerce store have in common with a magazine? They both the magazine and your website communicate with words and pictures. Although you may have never thought of it in this exact way, your store is essentially narrating a story to your customers. And, the way in which you tell that story will lead potential customers to decide if doing business with you is in their best interest. READ FULL POST >>
How to create a custom Drupal 8 Form

How to create a custom Drupal 8 Form

Chris McIntosh on 2017-03-23
If you're like many of the Drupal 7 developers or other PHP developers just getting started with Drupal 8 you may be scratching your head about some of the major changes that have happened to Drupal.  With the change to using Symfony for the core API for Drupal 8, many of the old ways of creating custom forms won't work now. READ FULL POST >>

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