Drupal LMS
Analyst Success
Top Challenges
01. Limit access to the courseware to active students
02. and members of the site.
03. Single Sign-on functionality across multiple systems
04. and on different platforms.
05. Tight deadlines
06. a failed launch
07. and poor coding standards.
Top Solutions
01. Leveraging Drupal 7's commerce license and commerce subscription modules along with custom logic we were able to develop a seamless system to allow both members of the site
02. and active students at The American College easy access to the course material.
03. Leveraging SimpleSaml and Drupal's Single Sign-on functionality we were able to develop a system that communicated authentication status to the LMS
04. and was able to authenticate users against the College's central student database.
05. Implementing Agile practices
06. adding tools to ensure Drupal Coding standards
07. and training the team to use the available tools helped create the perfect environment for success.