Annova Consulting Group
Anova Consulting Group
Top Challenges
01. The staff of aging administrators needed a UI that was functional
02. but also legible.
03. Slow application load time.
04. Code Quality
05. Best Practices
06. and Security related concerns
Top Solutions
01. With a large portion of the team at an older age
02. there was a big focus on ensuring that the UI was an easy to use step-by-step workflow and that fonts/colors/layout was conscience of eyesight and accessibility issues.
03. Due to the age of the site and the numerous revisions of the site
04. there was a lot of unused / leftover logic that lead to the site loading slower than normal. This required performing a site audit to pinpoint the custom code
05. theme elements
06. and UI elements that were contributing the most to the speed issues.
07. Along with speed being a big challenge
08. the other challenge was resolving an out-dated code base and applying security updates needed to keep the site secure for users and staff. Additionally
9. implementing code-quality tools like PHPCS and implementing Drupal standards across all of the custom code also lead to a lot of improvements for the application.