SurvivorNet Background
Top Challenges
01. Integrate with a Third-Party video hosting service and leverage information from that provider to generate the UI titles.
02. Animating and updating the ui based on video player time stamps
03. Responsive interface
Top Solutions
01. Leveraging another Third-party video provider can be a challenge at times especially when this provider was streaming live video
02. instead of prerecorded videos. We leveraged several javascript libraries to help cache and load the correct information based on the time of day and play the position of the video player when the page loaded.
03. Another big challenge was ensuring that the UI updated as the player progress. This included the pagination of video titles and information to be in sync with what the viewer was seeing.
04. The Web and Mobile interface for the application was the same
05. this meant that we needed to make a calculation based on the type of screen was viewing the application. This again revolved around some custom javascript and WordPress plugins to help leverage the information from the Third Party video provider.