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Get flat rate web development plus a project management platform at a crazy-affordable price. We're a dream for marketers and agencies.



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An all in one solution built specifically to simplify the creative process. Manage design files, integrate with your existing workflows, and communicate with your designers in one place.

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Wembassy's easy-to-use, interactive software simplifies the convoluted creative ecosystem of hiring for development services, helping you save time and speed up your creative content output.



Supercharge your creative output with unlimited Features, Support Requests, and strategic insight.

No Hassle. No surprise fees.

No contracts. No brainer!

Let's Supercharge Your Development Process

Scale your development team quickly with flat-rate, on-demand development services. Our team of developers are experienced, vetted, and dedicated to making your life easier... without the egos.

Endless integration possibilities.


We make it easy for you to save time with thousands of ways to integrate Wembassy into your workflow.

Our services range from ABC to XYZ

Strategic Development Services at Wembassy are our Core Business since 2008



React, Node, Vue, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

All Wembassy plans include unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and source files.

Developer is the perfect starter plan for your basic graphic design needs and include Web Development and Support.

This plan is ideal for businesses that need a steady flow of development or support, whether for new features, security updates, or just troubleshooting stubborn bugs. Developer plans are $799 USD per month. Learn more →

Pro Developer is our most popular plan. It includes everything in the Developer subscription plus Feature Archeticure Recommendations and a Quarterly Release planner! Crush all your website needs, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a scaling startup, or a large enterprise.

This plan is ideal for agencies that want to increase their release cycle for new features at an affordable rate. Pro Developer plans are $1995 USD per month. Learn more →

Graphics Premium is the all-inclusive Wembassy plan. It has everything in the Pro Developer subscription plus a dedicated QA resouce to us along with your development resource! This includes same-day turnarounds for many kinds of requests. Additionally, when QA requests comes in we prioritize testing and creating feedback and resolution plan for any reported bug. Turnaround would be a matter of days — not weeks. If you’re looking to level up your web site in a major way, this plan is for you.

This plan is ideal for agencies that want to amp up their web development and support, and QA capabilities — allowing you to focus on your core services while your website runs head and shoulders above your competition. Development Premium plans are $2,695 USD per month. Learn more →

To learn more about each plan, go to our pricing page.

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