Submitted by webmaster on October 17, 2015

In this series, we will go over things that you can do to supercharge your blog posts in order to grow your audience and expand your blogs reach.  One of the first things you have to do is decide what to write about.  This can be a very daunting task because if you choose the wrong topic, you could spend hours researching for the topic only to find that the time you spent was wasted or even worse you post an article that turns your audience off and makes them choose to go to another blogger for their content.

#1 Limit how diverse your blog topic is

Image removed.Try to not write about a topic that has too much information.  If you have a topic that you want to cover, but it is too large for a single post then consider creating a series of posts on this topic.  Break the topic down to its easiest consumable facts and topics so that your readers can quickly consume the information you are writing about.  A blog is not a book, but rather should be written in the form of a Short story.  Minimizing your word count and topic size will help draw more users in who are specifically looking for the topic you are talking about, in addition, this will help your search engine ranking for the topic you are writing about, which is also important for increasing your site's traffic.

#2 Make sure the topic you are Passionate about has an audience

It is great to be able to write about something that you are Passionate about, but before you jump in head first make sure that there are others who also share your interest.  If there are too few people interested or if there are too many other bloggers writing on the same topic then your potential audience will be drastically affected and you will see it in the traffic that your post can generate.

#3 Write about what you know

Conversely to #2 make sure that the topic you choose is something you are familiar with or something your willing to invest time in researching and gaining practical knowledge about.  Remember the whole point of the internet is the sharing and distributing of knowledge across the world.  So take the time to research and learn something unique or little known about the topic you are writing about.  Then put your own personal spin on it.

#4 Don't Follow the Money

This tip may sound counter-intuitive, but it is a good one to keep in mind.  You may be tempted to write about a topic because you see others getting a lot of traffic and advertising dollars for posts they write on that topic.  However, this is an easy trap to get stuck in and you will end up spinning your wheels.  Think back to the Gold Rush of California.  There were many people who went in search of their fortune because others had got rich, only to find out that there was nothing of value to mine.  This is similar to a blog topic.  If someone has already struck it rich with a topic, you may be smart in holding off on writing about it for a couple months when the traffic has died down on their post and when you do write about it make sure to put some new information or spin on it so that it is fresh.

#5 Don't repeat past mistakes

Image removed.The final tip is to learn from your past posts.  Make note of which posts generate traffic and which posts do not.  Utilize tools to analyze the effectiveness of your blog posts and the topics you choose.  Adjust your posts and topics to better suit your current audience and grow it so that your blog does not become stagnant.   This goes for the frequency of your posts as well.  Find out what frequency of posts gets you the most traffic and stick to it.  There are many tools that would allow you to schedule time for a single day to write a week's worth of posts in a single sitting and then publish them on a scheduled release.