Submitted by webmaster on November 4, 2015

The process of sales is continuous.  If you stopped your process once you received payment from your client, eventually you'd have no one else to sell to.  Keeping customers happy and coming back is important to sustaining and growing a business.  You can check on customers to ensure that they are happy with your service in a couple of different ways.

Social Media

You can see how customers are responding to your service on various social media outlets, this can be important as it can affect your word of mouth campaign or social media marketing efforts for attracting new visitors to your site.  Make sure to take quick actions if you see negative posts or reviews and do what you can to alleviate the issues.


Emails and customer surveys can go a long way into seeing how someone feels about products, although your return rate may not be terribly high unless the customer has invested a bit of money into your product or service.  This can then be stored in your CMS and used to adjust how the service or product is delivered or presented in the process.

Just Ask

The simplest and probably the best method to get feedback from customers is to call them up and ask how things are going.  They will readily tell you how things are going if they have time.

The biggest thing about this stage is to make sure that your customer service is in top-notch form and you are building a positive relationship.  Continue doing so and your customers will each become a lead generating source for new customers.  If your interested in some more ways on how you can get your customers then give us a call today, or you can reach us on facebook with your inbound marketing questions.