Submitted by webmaster on November 12, 2015

If you are working with Wembassy as a part of your inbound marketing campaign, then you have probably already submitted a list of email contacts that your site has generated.  These addresses are extremely valuable and probably more than you realize.  If you have not started trying to collect contact information yet, then you should start investing time in learning about Contact Managment Systems and how they can help you.

Once you start collecting contact information you can use those emails in order to drive potential buyers through your marketing funnel.  Let's take a look at how that is done.

Segment your Contact list

First, gather all of your email contacts into one place, and then you will want to start segmenting them into smaller groups of contacts.  At first, you may have to rely on only your memory in order to create your first list.  A good start is to try and determine who makes the decisions and who influences those decisions.  Split your contact lists between those two categories to start with.  Once you have that complete you can start to tailor your email communication to fit the person who will be reading them.

Next thing you can look into is to segment your list according to the spending capabilities of the contact.  Is it worth your time to send offers to buyers who simply cannot afford your product or service? Not only will this allow you to filter out those who are not in the market or capable to purchase from you, but you will also avoid a situation of annoying unqualified contacts or getting discouraged by negative results based on price points.

Continue to learn

You won't be able to know everything about all of the contacts on your list when you first get started, but you can learn as you start working on your list.  As you obtain new information about any of your clients, make notes in your CRM that you can use in the future to help you segment your lists.  For instance, have you learned about a birthday or other important date? Add them to your segmenting requirements so that you can send offers and specials during the client's special day.

Other things to make note of are client purchases when they made the purchase and what for.  You can make notes of this and send follow-up emails in order to keep the customer's interest.  If new versions, accessories, or applications make your products better, or a companion product is introduced, you would want to inform these people first opposed to people who have not made a purchase yet.

Improve your Email Reputation

Once you have successfully segmented your email audience, you can elevate your brand in your customers' eyes.  Because you will be able to correctly target them with emails that are relevant to their wants and needs.  This means that they can find use out of the information, sales, and products or services you are showcasing in the email as opposed to something that is just filling up their inboxes.

This will be a pretty big improvement compared to how you are probably emailing all of your contacts at the same time with the same messages now.  If your current email technique is just to avoid email marketing altogether, then it is time to make a change.  Take the time to record the information that will allow you to send targeted email campaigns to your customers.

If you're still needing some help in getting your email campaign off the ground and on the right foot, then contact us to learn more information about how our online marketing team can help.