Submitted by webmaster on November 17, 2015

With Attraction, the objective of your content is to get new visitors to your site.  With Conversion, you need special content that will help convert these visitors into leads.  A majority of sites will use Ebooks, Whitepapers, or other downloadable content as a means to get visitors to provide contact information.  These items, in turn, shares more information regarding specific areas of your products or service in order to answer questions your visitors may have.  The goal here is to provide your visitor with some knowledge that they probably do not have yet or do not have from you as a source.

Delivery is Key

Once you have completed developing the content you are going to use as your Conversion content, then you need to think about how you will distribute that content, while at the same time getting the information from your customers that you can use later as part of a sales funnel.  Probably the simplest methods for delivery is a Call-to-action.  A CTA will let buyers know what they will get when they download the content, and more importantly how the information will help them achieve a goal.  Make the Content and the CTA extremely targeted to a need or objective in order to have higher conversion rates.

Landing Pages are Important!

Once they click your CTA they will be sent to a landing page, that will provide some more information about what they are about to download and also include a form.  You want the landing page to give your visitors a more detailed description of your company as a whole.  Promises are made here and then kept within the resource that they download.  There are many tools for both Wordpress and Drupal that will allow you to capture these emails for use later on.  In an earlier article I iterated some of the reasons your site needs landing pages, and this is just another example of the importance they play.

Keep in touch

So the final objective of this step is getting visitors to provide you with a method to communicate directly with them.  In order to be able to accomplish that you need a way to keep track of contact information, what they have done on your site and their interests in regards to the products or services you are marketing on your website.  The best way to accomplish this is to have a CRM that is connected to your site.  Where a CMS is a website that helps you manage content, a CRM helps you manage people and contacts.  There are quite a few options on the web. SalesForce, Hubspot, and SugarCRM are just a few of them.  I currently use SugarCRM, it is an OpenSource platform that allows me to customize it easily as well as having support to connect with Drupal via a couple of Drupal 7 modules.  Setting this connection and relationship between your website and your CRM is extremely important as a part of the conversion step, and should be done before you start attempting to convert visitors to leads.

If you are interested in learning more about how inbound marketing can work for your company, or you are interested in setting up a CRM to start capturing your leads, call us today.  You can always reach out to us on our facebook page as well if you have any other questions related to converting visitors to leads or about ecommerce between now and the next post in this series.