Extensive User and Business Research

Learning about our client's goals and objectives means that we can serve you better.  It means the start to a great communication experience right from the start.  While we understand the web, nobody knows your business better than you and we will leverage our knowledge and yours in order to build a website that will meet your business goals. We will help you clarify your online marketing startegy to meet your goals by determining:

who your audience is where they search for you
what they are looking for how they view your message
when they view your message why they will choose you over your competitors

We obtain all of this information by using a four-step Strategic Planning session to develop a blue print that we can use to design, develop, and market your business. This way all steps can be executed and measured with precision.

Informed Plans

Wembassy knows that UX, Typography, and Illustrations cannot succeed without an exceptional understanding of the user.  Our user-centered interfaces work in combination with your vision, customer needs, and our top notch technology to provide an exceptional experience everytime someone uses your sites.  We accomplish this by focusing on:

Usage-centric Requirements Heuristic Audits of your website
Information Architecutre Peer Reviews and Usability reports

By actively reviewing your site and how it is being used by your visitors both before, during, as well as after design; we help ensure that your website and your business is capable of offering your visitors with the best possible experience.  This helps ensure that your business continues to grow and adapt to meet your customer's needs and expectations.