Submitted by Chris McIntosh on August 4, 2019

Personalizing websites to a user's needs and wants has been around for a while, this technology can be seen in action on almost all of the major online stores.  It has not been easy for startups, small businesses, or entrepreneurs to leverage this same technology without spending an excessive amount of time and money on developers who many not always be able to deliver the seamless experience they are looking for.

Earlier this year Acquia released to the public the Contextual Commerce Framework, this framework allows you to start monetizing every touch point through a headless Commerce architecture approach.  It then ensures that your users have a consistent personalized journey throughout all of their interactions with your brand.  This is huge as it allows you to drive more sales conversions and build customer loyalty through providing exactly what your customer wants at exactly the right time.

Once setup either via an Acquia hosted site, or a more affordable self-managed solution you can integrate this contextual experience on your site's articles, blog posts, as well as Facebook/Twitter/other social media locations that allows your potential customers the ability to purchase the items you have built interest in.  This form of commerce has revolutionized many industries and will allow you to take the next step when it comes to your Ecommerce experience online. 

If this is sounds like something you would like to leverage for your brand, then we would love to have a discussion with you to see if it makes sense for the goals you are trying to accomplish. You can reach out to us through our form below, or directly at