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Everyone knows how valuable traffic is to get new customers online, in this post, I am going to go over some of the hottest tips in increasing your website's traffic in 2020.   You will also get a chance to see in a follow-up post just how much these tactics are increasing traffic to my own blog.

What is even better is that all of these are working great right now, in 2019 and will continue to grow in how effective they are next year.  With that here are the tips I will be going through in this post, click on the one you want to try out first.

  1. Create a Strategy to Relaunch Old Content
  2. Use Blogger Outreach to promote your site
  3. Leverage Podcasts to generate traffic
  4. Leverage "Content Transformation" to get more traffic from your existing Blog Posts
  5. Use LSI Keywords to generate more traffic
  6. How to setup "Click to Tweet" links
  7. Upgrade & Overhaul old Posts
  8. How to leverage the "Upside Down" Guest post

Create a Strategy to Relaunch Old Content

This is similar to another topic in this post, Upgrading & Overhauling old posts, but with a very important difference.  Instead of just upgrading or improving the content you are going to treat the upgrade as a completely new article

traffic boost for relaunching content

For example, I recently updated an article on Custom views access plugin.  So I reshared it on my social media channels. If you have a newsletter list, send it out to them as well.  Doing this should lead to a significant boost in traffic back to that post.  The best thing about it is that this will take minimal effort since you already have the bulk of the article written.

Another strategy I have started using to help me increase the amount of content I can put out daily is to relaunch one old article per day.  This allows me to create 1 new article and essentially leverage an older article again to keep my various social feeds active and allows for more engagement and traffic to come to the site.

Use Blogger Outreach to promote your site

You just posted your best top ten ways to make a boiled egg blog? Great, now it is time to promote it with some blogger outreach.  In fact, one of my latest blog posts saw a really nice spike in traffic largely in part from a single tweet from an influential blogger.

The question is how to do this? How do you convince them to tweet for your post?  All that is needed is to find some bloggers that share content similar to your topic or on something with a parallel interest.  Then reach out to them with a welcoming, but not pushy email.  Below is an email I sent recently to a blogger:

Blogger outreach email

Leverage Podcasts to generate traffic

How many podcasts do you listen to regularly? Ever wonder what the process is to get onto a podcast?  Did you know that almost 26% of Americans regularly listen to podcasts?  That is a lot of potential traffic, but many folks get trapped in the idea of creating a new podcast of their own.  This can take a lot of energy, time, and money to do properly.  Instead of taking that risk, it is much better to get yourself onto an existing podcast.

This strategy works so well that I am looking at getting onto 2 or 3 podcasts a month next year.  In addition to building brand awareness, you will oftentimes get one backlink to your site in the show's notes.  This can help with your search engine rankings.

Leverage "Content Transformation" to get more traffic from your existing Blog Posts

It is a simple concept but leveraging Content Transformation can help you get a significant boost to the traffic on your site.  All you need to do is convert one of your existing blog posts into another format like an ebook, video, infographic, or even podcast.  Leveraging this can allow you to boost how many shares of that content take place, and also minimizes the amount of effort needed to get that traffic.

Taking old posts and recreating them in the form of a video or infographic can also allow you to leverage that content in order to generate leads for information about your products or services.

Use LSI Keywords to generate more traffic

It is no secret to website owners that SEO is one of the primary tools to drive traffic to your website.  With that in mind, you may be relying on old school SEO strategies that no longer work as well as they did before.  That is mostly because of the updates that Google has implemented in how its search algorithm.

Now instead of just using keywords to rank pages, Google now knows what topic-driven pages look like.  This is a huge change that affects 90% of all the searches on google now.  This is where LSI Keywords now play a role. 

LSI Keywords are phrases or words related to the target keyword you are looking to rank for.  An example would be if you were writing a post about social media.  Some of the LSI keywords and phrases for it would be:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Viral Content
  • Pinterest

Now when Google sees these LSI keywords in your content, the algorithm then associates it more strongly with social media.  That's great, but how do you know what keywords are LSI keywords for your target? That is where tools like LSI Graph come into play.

lsi graph example

You can use this tool to get a list of related LSI Keywords that go with the topic of your post, update your article to leverage them and see your post rise to the top of google and enjoy a boost in traffic because of its new position.

How to setup "Click to Tweet" links

One of the best ways to get more shares from your content is the Click to Tweet link.  You need to first find "tweetable" content in your articles.  This can be a bite-sized tip, strategy, quote, or some statistic.  For example, in this post, I go over some averages in how much traffic you could get by implementing these steps, each of these is tweetable and a great target. If you are using a normal CMS like Drupal or Wordpress you are in luck there are resources that can make implementing this easy:

If you are using something else, you can still leverage this functionality with a site aptly called These all do basically the same and make it really easy to implement this traffic boosting and share boosting feature.

Upgrade & Overhaul old Posts

The next strategy could see you increase traffic to old content by as much as 50% or better in just a week. This is how I am leveraging old content in order to increase traffic to my site:

  • You first want to find an old post on your site that is out of date or is no longer accurate. This should be easy to do.
  • The next step is to update that post, adding more screenshots and updating content helps a lot
  • Update the content to reflect the current patterns used on Google and your industry when searching for the topic the post is covering.  Remove the old terms and strategies that are no longer in popularity.
  • Finally, post the updates to your site, and include an Updated information section on the post,  it is usually best to do this at the top of the page.

Following these four steps and you can turn stale content into fresh evergreen content that generates traffic for your site and keeps you relevant to your visitors.

How to leverage the "Upside Down" Guest post

Most people read your guest post will typically skip the author and bio section.  Usually, these bio boxes are all the way at the end of the page. For someone looking to generate traffic, this is a huge problem.  If visitors do not see your link in your Author bio, then they are never going to visit your site.  

To fix this you should use the Upside Down approach for your guest posts.

  • Write a guest post just like you normally would.
  • Then include in it a helpful resource section throughout your guest post, linking back to resources related to the post on your site.

Typically I will use 2 or 3 helpful resources on the topic I am covering. See below for an example of how to do this effectively.  Using this strategy I have seen 78% more traffic from guest posts than just my author bio links

Effective Guest Blog Post
Leverage resources on your site to get traffic with relevant tips to your guest post.
  • And finally, make sure to include content on Your site as one of those "helpful resources"

In Conclusion

In this post, I shared with you some of the top ways to increase your website traffic using some cool, yet to be overused strategies.   Now I'd like to hear what you think about these tips.  Which one are you looking to try first?  Are you looking at syndicating content on Medium? Maybe, you want to publish a list of awesome tips too.  Let me know on our facebook page.  Come back again and find more tips added to this through the rest of the week.