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Picking the Right Editor tools for your website

The Root of the Challenge

Before going over all of the different solutions to this challenge, I think it is important to take a bit of time to look at the standard approach to layout that comes with Drupal and was common in older Drupal 7 sites.  Basically most sites operate on a Block and Region layout.  This means a site's theme will come with a Header, content, sidebar, footer, etc region that you will then place content, or blocks into in order to create the layout of the page.  This method can work very well for sites who only have a couple of types of ways they want to layou

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5 top challenges to updating your Drupal site's content and how to fix them

Is your team having difficulties getting your website's content updated? Often times our team has encountered the situation where Marketing efforts are stopped because of having to wait for a Developer to update.