Once your website launches, you will need support - answering questions, applying security updates, and enhancing your website.  Websites are powerful marketing tools that require a certain level of maintenance to keep them secure and operational.  Wembassy offers several website maintenance plans to provide clients a guaranteed reserved resource for any maintenance or support they may have.

Wembassy uses Agile and Kaizen methodologies for planning and executing strategic client work in 2-week cycles.  Once the sprint begins, the developer time is scheduled for the entire period of the sprint.  Typically that means if you have a resource in the middle of this period those developers would normally be unable to respond immediately with a maintenance and support plan there is a reserved resource for any immediate needs or emergencies that may come up.

Our maintenance plans are designed to handle both immediate-need requests as well as perform security updates or answer questions on using your site. Wembassy will handle any required security updates for you as well as new functionality requests.

Typical available support and maintenance services (can be customized):

  • Security -Related updates within 1 business day of release.
  • Non-Security Related updates performed twice per month
  • Perform any client-requested webiste cahnges within 2 business days of request
  • Setups of automated daily backups and confirm backups are being generated once per month
  • Manual database backup, download, and storage on our secure server twice per month
  • Database restore (if needed)
  • Monthly performance monitoring and advicement if abnormal

Talk to a Wembassy representative today about how we can user our enterprise-class knowledge, experience, and processes to support and maintain your website.