What does an Agile Project Management Process look like?

Agile is a niterative approach that takes place through planning, design, and the development of websites.  Its primary focus is to build products that could be launched at the end of each cycle.  It also allows for an incremental improvement of features and functionality on a website allowing you to adapt your plans to the results you see from our analytic tools.  

The process includes information architecture and user experience design, custom configuration, and module integration within a controlled testing environment.  This allows us to develop, test, and review new site features every two weeks.  This means your project is flexible to the real world results and feedback you are seeing.

Because of the fast paced rate of the project we typically recommend your team appoint a single person as the authority for project decisions and can provide feedback quickly.

Why we chose a Agile Project Workflow

We decided to use the Agile method with our workforce because Wembassy operates as a distributed workforce.  Meaning our developers are not all located in the same place, timezone, or sometimes even country.  This provides some strengths and challenges that we addressed with Agile.  The strengths being that in cases of natural disasters or other unforseeable events our whole team is not effected and can continue working on the project even if one or more team members are effected.  Additionally, we have access to a wider range of cutural backgrounds.