Our Site Audit aims to provide our clients with a deep understanding of the current state of their site and a description of the changes that we recommend to maximize its effectiveness and reduce technical risk.

We have a thorough, well-established process for auditing and reporting back on the general health of websites and systems, and we document all issues in detail and provide recommendations on how they are best dealt with.

Site Audits may be carried out for a number of reasons. There may be known problems with or concerns about the site (e.g. performance or security issues); the business goals may have changed; the site may require an upgrade, or you may simply want the reassurance of an objective ‘second opinion’. Regardless of a specific reason, a full health check will always be beneficial to your site and will give stakeholders a peace of mind understanding what is needed to ensure a robust, scalable and quality assured site.

Our Site Audits typically take two to five days to complete based on the size and complexity of the project:

Security Review

We check the site for any potential security risks. These risks could stem from a number of different sources, such as installed modules with known security issues; harmful custom code that doesn’t adhere to web security best practice; incorrectly set user permissions and insecure passwords.


Poor site configuration will negatively affect the speed of your site, which consequentially affects usability, hardware requirements and even SEO rankings. We can suggest a list of tasks to improve the performance of the site, and if the site experiences a high volume of traffic, then our high performance and availability specialists can advise additional measures to maintain performance.

Plugin & Module Status

We provide you with a list of enabled modules and available module updates for your site. We also analyze all enabled modules and identify any which are not necessary and therefore serve no purpose other than potentially slowing your site down. We may also suggest a list of additional modules which your site may benefit from.

Configuration Settings

Properly configured settings can protect your site from a range of issues such as spam and performance decline. For example, if your site only has administrative users can a visitor still register? Can spambots flood your site with comments on content, even though you don’t intend to allow your actual visitors to comment on content? We will assess your configuration settings and discuss any issues which may arise as a result of your current settings and recommend accordingly.

User Permissions

Incorrectly configured user permissions can affect the user experience of both administrative users and end users and leaves your site at risk of configuration changes being made by unauthorized and untrained individuals. We will ensure your site has the most appropriate user roles set up for your specific user base, and we will advise you on the best permission configurations for individual roles.


We have a thorough understanding of website usability, and as such we will discuss ways in which you can improve the usability of the site, specifically to achieve certain business goals such as driving user sign-up, encouraging donations, or generating leads.

Audit of Custom Modules 

If a previous developer has written custom code or integrated the site with third-party APIs, then one of our senior developers will review this work. Any custom code that’s potentially harmful, isn’t optimized for performance, or doesn’t follow industry recommended coding practices will be highlighted, and we will suggest alternative coding methods to improve existing code.

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