Mautic vs Webforms comparison

Chris McIntosh January 23, 2018

The Webforms Module has been historically one of the only ways to create user-facing forms for users on Drupal sites with the intent of collecting information, creating surveys, or creating lead capture pages.  It does most of these tasks at a slightly acceptable level, but also requires quite a bit of Developer time to do something as simple as put up a form, create a landing page, and build an email/marketing campaign around it.  For this reason, I started looking at other solutions that provide more power but still can integrate with Drupal.  My two big conditions were that the tool needed to be OpenSource, which ruled out the many cloud-based tools like ClickFunnels, and it had to provide an easy to use interface along with all the basics required to build a landing page.

This is where I stumbled across Mautic, a OpenSource Marketing automation platform.  Mautic is much more than just a form builder it is a full Marketing automation solution.  The thing that is nice about this, is most sites need some sort of Marketing automation tool or service to help it reach new leads and engage with past or current customers.  Below is a small chart outlining some of the features of both solutions and further below I will go over how easy it is to use it  with Drupal.


Integrates with DrupalCan embed Forms into Drupal, using JS or an iFrameDrupal based module

Form builderHas a field-based form builderHas a field-based form builder

Landing Page CreationHas a Drag and Drop interface similar to many of the popular marketing platformsRequires theming or another layout module to accomplish custom pages

Landing Page VarietyUnlimitedUnlimited, but with growing complexity on template naming and context based rules

ThemingMautic has a Twig based theme engine like DrupalUses Drupal's theme engine along with custom theme hooks

Ease of useMautic can be used by site builders with minimal technical skill to create beautiful and high converting formsWebforms requires training specific to the tool in order to create solutions that convert well

CustomizationMautic has a plugin and theme system that can be used to create custom experiencesWebforms can be altered using additional modules

Third Party IntegrationMautic can integrate with numerous third-party providers out of the boxWebforms requires additional modules and sometimes custom code to integrate with third-parties

Export dataCan export form data to csv or setup to email results to usersCan export form data to csv or setup to email results to users

Asset Protection Mautic comes with asset management and protectionCan be added with installation of additional module

Marketing CampaignMautic has a campaign builder that all starts with users interacting with forms allowing for full control over the sales funnel for a site.Not supported out of the box, requires custom code to accomplish

Decoupled CompatibilityMautic comes with a RestFUL api and tools to embed forms on webpages, it is easy to setup in a decoupled applicationRequires custom code and a lot of effort to submit results


Mautic is a great tool for those looking to provide co-workers or clients with a full marketing automation solution, or just a way to create one-off forms easily without the need for a developer's time.  Embedding a form into a node is as simple as copying and pasting a small javascript snippet or via iframe.  I am currently working on a module that will add a Mautic form reference field to Drupal 8 allowing users to select and build Mautic forms right from a node creation screen.